Octagonal Passage

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This photo is from the  Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery in Milan, a shopping mall that connects Duomo square with Piazza della Scala with two short arms perpendicular to the main axis. Gallery hosts many designer shops and brands, as well as famous cafes, restaurants, a luxury hotel and fast food. I took this handheld (exposures +2, 0, -2) I used the shot with -2 EV to correct any problems and exposure to darken some areas too light.

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Flickr: adelina303

November 4, 2012at 11:28 am

Stunning, indeed! Congratulations! Nice day!


November 4, 2012at 1:17 pm

beautiful shot, looks great. congrats.;)

Flickr: Maïclo

November 4, 2012at 2:20 pm

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Flickr: by-horst

November 4, 2012at 2:22 pm

Parabéns! Vi esta bela foto em:

Congratulations! I’ve seen this beautiful photo in:

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Encarni Alvarez

November 4, 2012at 3:32 pm


Flickr: E Jennings

November 4, 2012at 3:07 pm

We AWARD you for your excellent work in

Flickr: Narendra Cavan Narawangca

November 4, 2012at 3:40 pm

A feast for my Eyes Award.

*A Feast for my Eyes*

Flickr: Visionheart

November 4, 2012at 5:27 pm

We AWARD you for your excellent work in


Flickr: Mads71

November 4, 2012at 8:37 pm

Wonderful image!
Seen @ HDRoom.

Flickr: ZiYang Lai

November 4, 2012at 11:41 pm

Wonderful image!
Seen @ HDRoom.

Flickr: adelina303

November 5, 2012at 11:05 am

Seen and admired in Stunning Art Gallery



Flickr: 1001 Rabbits away for a couple of days

November 5, 2012at 6:00 pm

Wonderful image!
Seen @ HDRoom…..Nicely done :-))

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