Lisbon Cathedral inside view

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An inside view of the famous Lisbon Cathedral. I made this HDR by placing the camera on a bench. You can clearly see the part illuminated by artificial light on the right  and the part that is affectedby the natural light that filters through the rose windows.

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November 10, 2011at 6:44 pm


Flickr: SolitudeWays_

November 10, 2011at 6:36 pm


Flickr: Menacho

November 10, 2011at 8:19 pm

I agree, Excellent Artwork!

An excellent photo!

Flickr: winston.1

November 10, 2011at 7:30 pm

Great take…

Flickr: Stella Blu

November 10, 2011at 7:51 pm

Awesome capture !!

Flickr: Le Lion 59

November 10, 2011at 9:46 pm

Très Jolie.

Flickr: Adam Tolle Photography

November 11, 2011at 12:02 am

breathtaking processing

Flickr: leonlee28

November 11, 2011at 6:27 am


Flickr: Giuseppe Sapori

November 11, 2011at 8:25 am

Thank you so much!!!

Flickr: geppe73

November 11, 2011at 9:10 am

Uno scatto in hdr di tutto rispetto, davvero un eccellente lavoro!!!

Flickr: anwarsiak

November 11, 2011at 1:31 pm

Beautiful shot !!

Flickr: Ben Tebbens

November 11, 2011at 10:10 pm

Oh my Giuseppe, that is just fantastic!!! This is just amazing;) Fabulous work.

Flickr: BerColly

November 12, 2011at 10:55 am

this is extremely Good:)

Flickr: Kurt Kramer

November 12, 2011at 2:38 pm

The different colors of light in the different rooms or areas of the church are amazing.

Wonderful image!

Flickr: arthur-cha

November 12, 2011at 2:05 pm

Great shot !


November 12, 2011at 3:54 pm

Great Shot!

Flickr: Asterix.Photo

November 13, 2011at 2:35 pm

This is a very classy shot.

Flickr: Landrey

November 13, 2011at 3:15 pm

thats creepy beautiful!

Flickr: Francisco Curbelo Rodríguez

November 13, 2011at 9:49 pm

Simplemente FANTÁSTICA !!
Buen trabajo.

Girolamo’s HDR Photos

November 14, 2011at 8:30 am

Fantastic photo my friend, great processing!

Flickr: TERRY 101650 ,thanks for 50,000 views

November 14, 2011at 12:49 pm

b>I saw this wonderful picture in:

"HDR work (P3 – C3)

Flickr: **rickipanema**

November 14, 2011at 8:43 pm

wonderful capture

Flickr: Miezaa

November 15, 2011at 10:44 am

great light…very nice work 🙂

Flickr: J Rutkiewicz

November 18, 2011at 5:18 am

Super compo.

Flickr: Fernando G.M.

November 21, 2011at 6:32 pm

!!! Excelente Total_Photo N2 ¡¡¡

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Flickr: Anton Bachuk Photography

November 26, 2011at 12:24 am


Flickr: M. David "Doc" Nelson

December 2, 2011at 11:43 pm


Flickr: eujinson

December 6, 2011at 11:21 am

Very well done!

America Blanga

January 8, 2012at 1:33 pm

Its fantastic as your other articles : D, thankyou for posting .

Flickr: ► Hammer Head ◄

March 29, 2012at 12:05 pm

Excellent variety of colour and texture.

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